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$6.0m Refinance & Restructure- Melbourne Hospitality Group

$6.0m Refinance & Restructure- Melbourne Hospitality Group


$6.0m Refinance & Restructure- Melbourne Hospitality Group


Private Business


Melbourne VIC


Hospitality Group

The Challenges

Our client engaged us to source a major bank lender that would refinance multiple commercial and consumer lending facilities, as well as simulatenously provide new debt funding to assist with improvements and refurbishment works for various hospitality operating venues.

The clients also required consideration around its cash flows and wanted to avoid committing to onerous leasehold debt amortisation schedules after coming out of Covid affected trading periods.

The groups operations consist of fifteen seprate leasehold restaurants, wine bars and event spaces throughout Melbournes CBD.

Our Solution

We ran a tender across Five major banks that addressed the funding requirements and complex security provisions of the client.

We addressed cash flow requirements of the business in line with historical and future forecasted business earnings, as well as addressing the groups need for commited capital to contribute towards venue restorations works.

Client's Result

Ultimately we presented Five major bank term sheet offers to the client that addressed all their funding requirements.

Our clients partnered with a major bank lender that took on the complete refinance of commercial and consumer lending as well as committing debt funding for planned future CapEx works.

The clients achieved all their requirements with that gave them the oppoutrtunity to retain future business earnings under competitive interest rates.