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$43.4m- Corporate and Consumer Lending facilities

$43.4m- Corporate and Consumer Lending facilities


$43.4m- Corporate and Consumer Lending facilities


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The Challenges

EMK Thomas was engaged by the client to seek a working capital facility that would enable the business to free up retained earnings traditionally used to fund working capital.

In addition EMK Thomas was also asked to:

  • Procure consumer lending facilities to assist principles of the firm with upcoming residential property acquisitions,
  • Seek bank approval for future commercial property acquisitions by newly formed SPV’s sitting separately to the firms lending structure.

Our Solution

EMK Thomas undertook a tender process that was run through the four major Banks.

We provided all potential financiers with an detailed Information memorandum representing the organisations and its key principles strong financial standing as well as historical, current and forecast business performance analysis that supported the funding request.

Client's Result

The competitiveness brought about by having four major banks understanding the strong credit profile of the group and its shareholders, meant that we were able to achieved a funding outcome above what the clients had initially anticipated, this included:

  • Obtaining working capital limits with no tangible security and limited recourse to the firms Sharheolders, at below the clients anticipated cost of capital,
  • Implementing commited approvals (“Pre apprvoals”) to be used towards residential and commercial property acquisitions,

We were also able to have conversations and informal commitments for the lender about the future funding needs of the firm, its principles and their controlling SPV’s that required future debt capital for investment activities.