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$26.5m Refinance and Acquisition Funding

$26.5m Refinance and Acquisition Funding


$26.5m Refinance and Acquisition Funding


Small Cap ASX Listed Company


Melbourne Vic



The Challenges

Our client required Term Funding of $15.0m to refinance vendor finance together with $11.5m in new Acquisition funding for an on market take over.

Our Solution

Provided a scoping document for a Pre Lending Review by a major accounting firm to validate the benefits of the vendor finance funded acquisition were embedded in the run rate EBITDA. Pre agreed with the financier the key metrics to be validated as a basis for approval and worked with the company and the accounting firm to prove up the benefits.  Demonstrated the further synergistic benefits of the additional Acquisition funding which was required on an unconditional basis.

Client's Result

$15.0m refinance of vendor funding completed prior to June 30 balance date to convert a current liability to a term liability, with the Acquisition funding provided on a Stand By basis to minimize costs and provide maximum flexibility.